Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Beach addicts 2: Langkawi trip!

Alright guys. It's high time I got down to doing this. My Langkawi post! Two months overdue - don't think I've never been this late before! Pro procrastinator here.

So this was a total impromptu decision, I was sitting in class while my friends Meredith and Michelle were sitting outside. We had a break halfway through the class and I got a call from them asking me to get outside - they were booking flight tickets (Michelle's from Langkawi).

'Wanna go Langkawi?'

And two one-way tickets were booked. Coming back settle later lah.


We (Meredith and I) flew from klia2, first time there! Shopping centre cum airport yesss. So pretty, hope it doesn't end up unmaintained like KLIA :(  KLIA is so nice but not well maintained. Anyhow it still places second among the airports I've visited. Malaysian pride!

We flew Air Asia and had already checked in online so.. plenty of time to kill! Was tempted to buy and split a set of Victoria's Secret body mists but resisted. Too much shopping waiting for us in Langkawi! mm hmm.

The flight was so quick! Arrived in an hour so it was okay that we didn't get to sit together on the plane. Michelle picked us up in her car and first stop was the beach! Pantai Cenang *thumbs up*.

Hadn't visited Langkawi in years and then we mostly only just stayed in our resort and went down to a beach once. So this was pretty much my first experience of Langkawi, and blessed enough to have a Langkawian bring us around for six days. 

Some photo credits to Meredith's Facebook album cuz we mostly used her camera on this trip :*

Look at how wide the beach is!

Funnily enough this was our first and only time spending time at Pantai Cenang during the day. Pretty much spent every night sitting on the beach chilling with drinks.

 Added these two snaps to my Snapchat story :'D unplanned.

Had dinner at Michelle's restaurant where her dad cooked us dinner. Weng Fung Seafood Restaurant, do visit if you go to Langkawi! :P Yumz yumz. Randomly took a picture of the coconut cuz we all had coconut water and were talking about how some people are so happy with their carton coconut water while we drink straight from the coconut XD kampung style yo. 

Went to get our first taste of the duty free shops after dinner! Omg it is insane how cheap the alcohol and chocolates are. I can't even.. :p

Day 2: Island hopping! Got a private boat, just the three of us and the guide. 

Bouncing along on the waves with the wind in our hair and the crisp cool air ah yes i'm a poet

Stopped at this island for half an hour or so. Lots of tourists along the beach!

There were quite a few monkeys hanging around and this one stole a bottle of water from one of the tourists! And bit a hole in the bottom to drink the water lolol.

Bare nails of mine *hides bimbo face in shame*

Michelle and I!

It started to rain after a while so we went back to the boat and went to watch some eagle feeding.

It was so amazing watching the eagles fly from the trees and swoop down to get their food! Circling and circling there were way more than I managed to get a photo of.

Stopped at this place to try our hand at fishing psshhhh.

No fish were caught, but we had to take a pic anyway! I love this pic apart from the fact that it is senget but I'm too lazy and OCD about my iPhoto albums to correct it so yeah...

Stopped by at another island to visit Tasik Dayang Bunting if I've not mistaken. Had to walk through a mini trail and climb down a flight of steps and it started drizzling again.

Yes that's not the sea. It's a lake!

 If memory serves the lake was created when a cave well.. caved in and rain water started collecting. Don't ask me how fish arrived there though!

 The view after it started raining cats and dogs and we were stranded under this unstable looking pondok with about ten other people.

Went one by one to take solo pictures in the rain haha.

Our boat :'D

Went back to the main island after that and walked along the beach to a park.

Silly girls running up the hill.

And conquered!

Walked over to the eagle square while waiting for Michelle's dad to come pick us up. 

Didn't even notice us when I first saw the picture lulz. Probably annoyed the other tourists trying to get a picture of the eagle XD

Went for dinner at Michelle's uncle's restaurant. The plan was to take a look at the pictures of the history of Langkawi which was part of the restaurant's deco but ended up eating as well.

The fried vegetables were so so so goood.

Next day, durian dusun first thing in the morning after breakfast! Michelle's friend Monica joined us.

Met a couple of kids there. No scratch that, baby goats sounds so much cuter! *squeeaals*

 Just look at those little furry hooves! 

Had mangosteens, rambutans, langsat (at least i think..) and durian for just RM 5 for all four of us! 

Ventured a bit into the dusun where there were lots and lots of mosquitoes and ants. 

Decided to climb a mangosteen tree cuz it looked pretty easy.

And Michelle says I look exactly like a monkey in this pic lmao

 Went up Gunung Raya, just for kicks :P

Three sorpos :(

Then to the seaside for dinner! This cute little fish & chip place called Scarborough Fish & Chips.
Selfie with Michelle charging onto Meredith in the background :p 

Selfie cuz.. we were all taking selfies :D 

 Omg I want these fish and chips now. Fun fact: I had fish and chips in actual Scarborough four years ago and I didn't like it! Too fishy for me but this was so goood. Much loves to tartar sauce too.

And this is making me hungry. It's 4 am and I just had mashed potatoes a while ago..

Our dinner view.

Super chill day the next day, even started the day really late since we stayed out late the night before. (Actually every single night but let's ignore that.)

Visited a temple to take a look at the new kuan yin statue carved into the hill.

And we just have to stop by at random places!

Visited Perdana Quay where the first The Loaf was opened.

 So pretties!

Tried to go for the cable car ride after but it was closed :(( no choice but to come back the next day.

Ramadhan bazaar to get dinner! The cravings ohhh. 

Murtabak is so good who can ever not like murtabak ahhh. And look how excited spongebob looks to be getting dinner! 

Went to Yellow Cafe at Pantai Cenang where there were beanbags on the beach where we could just lie and listen to the waves and look at the stars *starry eyes* not to mention ice lemon tea and shisha. Normally I'm not one for shisha but it was too nice on the beach!

Wildlife park the next day! Just Meredith and I because Michelle needed to help her dad at the restaurant.

Went around the place just laughing, taking pictures and were total little kids at a zoo.

 Mr raccoon is so cuteee!

 Got to feed some little budgerigars!

Birdies showing their bums to the camera.

I don't even.. 

 Magnificent afro sir.

Cable car ride after! 

Panorama from the cable car. So beautiful!

First stop of the ride.

Too bad the sky bridge was under maintenance while we were there gah :( it was still really fun though!

Last dinner at Langkawi by Michelle's dad again.

Went last minute duty free shopping to grab everything we wanted before leaving the next morning! Went around like mad aunties comparing prices and buying loads of cheap chocolate. Even bought two bottles which I carried onto the plane in my handbag like some alcoholic :'D my luggage bag was so heavy after I managed to stuff everything in!

Thank you so so much Michelle for being our tour guide and jaga-ing us for almost a whole week! Much love and I'll miss you when I leave!